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Appointment Times

I provide a one-hour window for my arrival.  Most small dogs are completed within an hour, large dogs can take up to two hours. Although rare, my arrival can be delayed by traffic conditions, unexpected completion times for appointments prior to yours, and other unforeseen circumstances, I will notify you if there are any delays in arriving for our scheduled appointment.


  • I need you to be present for the initial appointment but it is not required for subsequent grooming.

  • If you are not going to be home, please provide a garage code or key. If you would prefer, I am able to securely keep a house key. If you have an alarm system, please make sure it is off or I have the current code.

  • If you live in a gated community, please provide me with the gate code or make arrangements with the guard for access.

  • My truck and trailer is about 35 feet in length. I can park in driveways, parking lots or along the street.

  • Please let me know in advance if you have a preference on where I park.

  • I need plenty room to reverse or turn around and at least 12 feet of over-head clearance. Please let me know in advance of your appointment if there may be complications accessing your property so that we can make parking arrangements.

  • I do not require access to water or electricity.

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